Grasshopper Data Tree Manipulation

Hello people!

I have question regarding to the data tree. Here is the screen shot of the problem.

I have list of points and I would like to cull points in the boxes. But I want to preserve data tree structure of points. No so flattening. When I execute culling by pattern, only one box have been taken in account. Does anybody know the solution?

Thank you very much for your help guys and girls!

That component you used, “Shape in brep”, is for a generic situation and accept any kind of geometry but with a single brep.
(You could use that, but you need to graft “B” of ShapeIn" and use a “Mass addition” between “ShapeIn” and “Equals”)
For your situation the perfect component you should want to use is “Point in breps”, which uses a list of breps as “B” input and so it should let you avoid any further “growth” of your tree.