Problem with "Point in Brep" component


Is there any failure with the “Point in Brep” component? or am I doing anything wrong?

It does not work for me in this case, as it misses some points which are inside the Brep and it considers other points, which are outside, as inside points.

I would appreciate any help on this please. I might be doing something wrong and I do not know what.

I have isolated the part of the definition and internalised the data so that you can see the problem.

Thanks in advance

Point in Brep (15.2 KB)

Because you are not using lists correctly. You are using the dispatch pattern of a data tree which is shorter from your clean tree but are then dispatching the original data. You should be dispatching the cleaned tree.

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Thank you very much Michael. You are wright. What a silly mistake.

Now, because I have grouped the points in branches, I would like to identify the branches that are mixed, that is with points inside and outside. I have used a definition that David Rutten left in a thread to identify mixed group of points/branches but I do not know how to select them. I have tried with “Match Text” but I might also be doing some wrong again.

Could you help again please?

Thank you againPoint in Brep problem (17.9 KB)

Looking for something like this?

Point in Brep problem (14.9 KB)


Hi HS_Kim,

Thank you very much. Yes, that is what I was looking for. Much appreciated!

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