Create and modify curves through points on mesh


I´m writing in hopes you can help me with my problem.

Is there a way to create curves in Rhino and grasshopper according to the image I show? I have the need to create curves on a mesh, and that those points can be moved, modifying the curve. (Always these curves and points adapting to the mesh)

I appreciate your help in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you



Hi Patricia -

Until you post a gh file with relevant geometry internalized and the specifics can be checked, I would say that the answer is “yes”.

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Hello @user2005

It is not very precise and there is probably another solution.
Here is a 1st approach

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As Wim said … plus:

  1. If the Mesh Topology is OK and you have clear rules in mind (like: go down [or follow some direction] OR - better - use some proper Dijkstra from/to Shortest Path finding Method, etc etc) … then a Polyline/Curve from Mesh vertices is possible (not always … but hope dies last). See for instance a DSP/DRP in action

  1. In real-life one needs an interactive way to change/alter/modify - on the fly - the Poly/Crv vertices (and/or the from/to DSP/DRP routing) meaning in fact a user control of the N of vertices sampled : continue if sampled.Count < N etc (impossible without code, mind).