Grasshopper component problem

is there any way to edit dialog window like custom component ?

and what is problem with this massage in tekla using grasshopper component


The possible layout and elements of the dialog are described here:

Here’s a template file showing one setup: Grasshopper Component - Google Drive

The errors and warning messages come from the components in your Grasshopper definition. Start with debugging the first one, i.e. figure out why the Plane Cut component is producing an error (does it have valid input?). The rest of the messages might be related to that if the components are relying on the output of the Plane Cut component.

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thank you for reply and for script

i will track again my script to find out where is the problem

i want to ask you about script u have to show it in webinar about connection and auto connection can i get it ?

thank you again


you can find the auto-connect script as a download named “AutoConnect Demo Definition” on the link’s warehouse page (scroll down):




Thank You Sir