Grasshopper component in Tekla error

Hello everyone, I’ve created a script in Grasshopper that only changes an attribute in an assembly, doesn’t create elements. I got into such a situation that now I cannot manually change this attribute, because this component is applied, and I cannot select and delete it, since there is no mark (blue circle), there are no elements inserted from the component. Any ideas what to do with it?

Hi, if you have created/inserted a component that takes an assembly as an input, the round M symbol might appear at the model origin rather than next to the assembly.

Or if you have a “Component” GH-component that is inserting this invisible TS-component, you can select the component in GH, right click the icon/text and chose “Delete objects in Tekla”.



Thank you for your answer, another grasshopper component create mark in the start coordinates, but not this one :frowning:

Now I understand what happened:
this attribute, which I changed both through the Grasshopper and through the “grasshopper component” was numeric, and in the script I wrote it to “attributText”, which meant that I was passing the text. Because of this, the change from the side Tekla of this attribute was blocked

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Ah, I see, yes the way Tekla overloads the attributes when using different types is a bit confusing indeed :sweat_smile:

Good thing you found the cause!