Grasshopper Component error with Tekla 2022

I’m getting this error when opening Grasshopper Component.
I use:

  • Tekla 2022
  • Tekla Component 1.3v.
  • Rhino8;
    Using Grasshopper for testing my component everything is ok in Tekla model, component is working, but using any component through Grasshopper Component I have this message.
    Also, I tried to use Tekla Link 1.16v and GC 1.4v which I found in other topics with trouble like mine however my Tekla took off.

has anyone ever encountered such a problem?

When you download the Tekla Link, did you “unlock” the file?

Right click on the file → Properties -->Tick Unblock -->Ok

It might also be something to do with Rhino8, @sebastian.lindholm might be able to comment further on this.

Sure, I did it and now I don’t have this “unlock” button.
And I have no idea what the problem.

I’m not sure if the Grasshopper component 1.3 works with Rhino 8 yet. Try Rhino 7 instead.

unfortunately I cannot use Rhino 7 in order to use evaluation license which is not for Rhino7 only for 8.
But in any case I found out what the problem and I will write it here for helping someone else.
For Rhino8 need to use Grasshopper Component v1.4 and need to be deleted file GhPython.gha which can be found folowing link C:\Program Files\Rhino 8\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components\GhPython.gha.
After that everything starts work.