Grasshopper 2-Alpha available for testing

If you’re looking after the color values, you’ll need to evaluate the gradient (component)
Or decompose the gradient to get the grip colors…

No - I am looking forward to use the GH_Panel class in a C# .net development and use that as a container to embed any type of control - would be awesome, if that would be possible.


The only point I would suggest is to allow a larger icon size, not only 24x24…
It is a bit limited to fit high-res pics into that small resolution.
As many of the monitors are 2k ~ 4k now, allowing larger icons is a rational move.

At the moment no. The panel doesn’t relay any mouse or key events to the code which is drawing the type representations. This is something I may still add in the future. For example I’d quite like to see a wireframe preview of any surfaces which can be rotated in the panel. There’s an issue with persistence though.

If you’re adding a new type to Grasshopper 2.0, you have to provide a TypeAssistant<T> for that type. One of the methods on type assistants is the creation of a display proxy, which are then stacked inside the panel.

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Is this a comment after you’ve seen how icons work on GH2? Icons are resolution independent vector or coded images now.

My bad.
I misunderstood your last reply in the guidelines as only a switch of format, but still 24x24.

Icons are still drawn at 24x24 logical pixels on the tab panels and at 100% zoom, and I do recommend designing icons to be pixel aligned at 24x24, just so that they look as crisp as possible on screens with big pixels.

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have experienced Rhino WIP crashing after dragging and dropping once component of GH2 on the canvas? See video below.

This happens all the time. Any advice how to prevent this unexpected crashes?


No that’s a new one for me. But if you submit those crash reports I’ll investigate.

Hi David,

Here is the RhinoCrashDump file from yesterday:
RhinoCrashDump 2022-04-23.3dm (31.0 KB)

Here is hte RhinoCrashDump file from today:
RhinoCrashDump.3dm (31.0 KB)

Hope they help. Thanks.

No, you need to press the Send Now button. The 3dm file does not contain any information about the crash, I need the memory dump file and the callstack, which are both deleted from your desktop as soon as you close that error report window. If you send them in, they’ll end up in our crash database and I can investigate at my leisure.

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I just submitted using the Send Now bottom for two different crashes.

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Quick follow up here. My laptop was using the integrated graphics card instead of using the dedicated NVIDIA graphic card. On the NVIDIA control panel I selected the NVIDIA card as the preferred graphic card for Rhino WIP and the program is not crashing any more.

Trying to dig into Grasshopper 2.0 every day,
figuring out data-trees is tricky but knowing how relative items and path mapper in gh 1.0 really helps to make sense of it.
My 36th video review is starting to dig hard and fast into the Data Tab!

Michael Wickerson


The “Set One” command inside the “point” paramter input doesnt seem to allow for referencing an exisiting point, (just a new grasshopper only point).


I have made several G2 scripts over the past month, lot’s of creative ideas and trouble shooting. I will continue. they are available on my github at:

mwickerson/ Grasshopper_2.0

Michael Wickerson

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