Grass map + VRay scene troubleshooting



Hi there,
I’ve been working on mapping grass on a 20x20’ space, following this tutorial:;topic=532.0;attach=8019

Basically, the guide had me create a flat plane with a grass texture+bump+roughness, then multiplying it across the 20x20’ space, and while it looks exactly like I want it to when kicking off a render with VRay:

However, as soon as I activate my scene (VRay Infinite plane and Rectangular light overhead), our render farm churns out this - it looks like there’s patches of grass it’s rendering accurately:

I attempted to render locally and it looked closer to the first image - for the sake of time, I wanted to know if there’s something I need to tweak with the render farm to successfully render this without just using my local machine.
Thanks in advance! Let me know if I can share any more details to help troubleshoot this.

(Marc Gibeault) #2

Is the problem the green buckets you see in the second image?
If so, it’s most probably some texture file that is not available to this render node. Check the V-Ray progress window for some error message.


Yes, that was it - the render machine had gone offline, so it wasn’t able to read my textures. Thank you for your help!