Vray renders come out distorted

Hi there,
I’ve encountered a problem in Vray where the majority of my renders have been distorted to some degree (I don’t have any bump or displacement maps active). Below are two renders of the same space with varying distortion. Anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening?


EDIT: After a bunch of experimentation I think the problem might be the light source, I’m using the rhino sun with the standard settings. Below is a render using a rectangular light instead - although still a bit iffy, the image looks much better.

Any ideas?

Looks like smoothed GI sampling “errors” by sampling through the small openings. Using a direct light source produce better results.

The issue depends on the used lighting and on the used render method and setup. If you like you could post a screenshot like this:

Yeah course, here’s a screenshot

Your settings looks good. If you like you could post your scene and I could look on it.

isnt it far from origin?