Grass for Rhino, wip

This is from a tool that makes a patch of grass on a surface.

It will probably make it into “food4rhino” when I’ll have time to finish it. But needs some testing first.
If you would like to test it out then send me a PM. (personal message)



Is this an update of RhinoFur?

Hi mario, no this has nothing to do with RhinoFur.

Were can we read more aboth this program…Internet site…features…

You can ask me, I wrote it for a project I was working on, where I needed some patches of grass. It is work in progress at this stage, so what features are you after?

Can you post some pictures of the projects you made using this plugin?

No, but I can make you have a 10 day demo if you like. It populates a mesh or a (trimmed) nurbs surface with strains of grass, that are vertex colored, and joined into one mesh.

What kind of results are you after?

This looks amazing! How is the render time?

I recently used a V-Ray displacement grass, which looks pretty good, but takes an un-holy amount of time to render, If this is faster and can avoid displacement, I would love to try and/or buy it.

Please sign me up for your try-to-buy offer. More info!

Neat, I made one of those last week as my first attempt moving from RhinoScript to RhinoCommon in VB.

Cool Jim,
Let’s compete :wink:
But why did you decide to go for VB and not Python?

I figured my experience with VBScript and VBA would make VB.Net an easier transition. I may have been mistaken, holy crap it was complex, but the speedup was worth it.

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