New food4Rhino website!

The new food4Rhino website is now live!

With a completely new design and search system, finding and downloading a Rhino or Grasshopper plug-in is now much faster.

There are also new Resource types such as Scripts, Grasshopper definitions, Toolbars, Tutorials, Companion Software, Materials, etc.

Visit to get access to more than 250 apps!

Posted Nov 03, 2016 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.


User friendly. That’s the way to go.

Thanks Bob !

BTW … Currently I only see materials there.
Will other stuff be added later ?

What about uploading all Pascal’s scripts ?
… And Dale’s plug-ins … etc ?

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I like the artwork, too. Running Rhino and flying Grasshopper. That’s neat.

@carlosperez and @pascal Can you help?

That seems like a good idea to me, at least for some of them. I’ll see what I can do for my bit.


Great Idea, I only have a few and they are useful.

Seems great to me as well!

OH, the new design is spot on.


I was looking at those plant growing and thought of this:



Cool !

Thank you Bob and Pascal.

Right… little clay-colored flower pot silhouettes might be more… genteel.


I actually really like the current images, much better than if it were pots. Pots express limitation, formality, rigidness. The current images depict potentially limitless growth.


Hi there!

Yes, as supporting scripts and GH definitions is new, currently there are none. We are starting now to contact users to upload their stuff.


Hi Carlos

Thanks for clarifying !


The new food4rhino does not seem to be well sorted when it comes to GH plugins vs. Rhino plugins. Try un-checking the GH plugins on the left - still plenty of them show up in the list. Is anyone screening the content to make it categorized properly ?

Looks nice, overall. Thanks for the update.


I like the look of the new site.

I don’t like the banner at the top that keeps flying by every second. I try to read the information below, but the banner’s flashing is distracting. I want to scroll it off the screen or just leave the page.

Can’t it be slower or a fading image?


I agree. That’s a bit distracting.


Hi @carlosperez,

New year, new look at food4rhino : ) Was very excited to see the update but there are still some things that look half-cooked, hope this can get a bit more attention.

  1. The sorting categories still don’t work properly. I am trying to get just Rhino apps and NOT Grasshopper, and they still come all mixed together. With that many of them there (good!) this makes things difficult to sift through. It definitely needs to work better or be moderated so the content falls into correct categories.

  2. Agree with @Sandy, the top banner that keeps moving in a long run is distracting and takes a lot of screen real estate. I’d think it was there as an announcement of f4r update but now its not really doing much other than getting in the way. I would suggest getting rid of it or using this space to somehow promote new or featured content etc.

  3. The ‘Reviews’ section needs some more thought. The problems right now: it is mostly used as a discussion and not actual reviews, and for that, seeing only 4 posts a page is very inconvenient to use. I would suggest separating Reviews and Discussion into two separate categories and have both of them ‘expandable’ with, let’s say, 5-10 posts at the beginning and the button below to ‘load more’, instead of having to click through 10 or more, 4-posts per page sections.

Hope you can consider the above. Cheers.


Hi @Jarek,

Many thanks for your feedback.

  1. I think the system works fine (select Apps and Rhino). It’s just that some developers mark their apps as “Rhino” and “Grasshopper”, and we need to fix that manually.

  2. Yes, the top banner is designed to advertise new plug-ins. We need to update the contents. Hope to do it in the next weeks.

  3. I agree, we need to redesign it somehow. Right now it’s only for reviews (for other discussions we have Discourse or the developer’s forum). But no matter what we say there, people still write what they like (this happens also on the App store). Let’s see how we can improve it.

Happy new year!

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Hi Carlos,

Looks like there again is a bunch of miscategorized apps on F4R - mainly Grasshopper apps showing in Rhino Apps. Maybe that should be scrutinized a bit more to avoid the constant mixup there when reviewing the newly published apps ?