Graphics Error - Disappearing Curves and Random Lines Protruding from Surface

I have recently come across what seems to be a major graphics issue for the second time. The first time, I started from scratch with a new model (leads me to believe there is some sort of corruption). This time, I am far too deep into my design process to start over - and making a new file with copies of the problem objects seems to bring back the issues. I have attached screenshots to this post and will send my file to with this post as a reference. Any help would be appreciated.

Just in case my file doesn’t arrive via email here is a compressed zip of the .3dm (19.8 MB)

Hi @emanaste,

I tested your file in Rhino 6 for Mac and Rhino 7 for Mac and don’t see the issue you’re reporting. It looked like you made a Patch surface using those curves and that’s what the lines are coming from. I can make a 100x100 patch here (using Rhino 6 as you are) and it looks like this…

See if restarting your Mac helps. If that doesn’t, please run the command SystemInfo in Rhino 6 and return that text here in reply. Also please explain if there are a series of steps to take with your file other than Patch before you see this problem.

I’ll try restarting. Yes - I do see that the patch is most definitely the issue, although I also can’t seem to figure out why some other curves are disappearing. I had been working with patch for a few hours and didn’t have a problem, then all of a sudden I did. Thanks so much for your help, I will let you know how restarting works.

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Restarting seems to have fixed it in the meantime. Hopefully the issue doesn’t arise consistently or intermittently rendering Rhino much more difficult to use.