Display issue—curves disappearing

Curves that I have drawn are consistently disappearing since I installed the latest WIP build. If I area select the objects, they will appear highlighted in yellow as they normally do, but deselecting the curves will cause them to disappear again.

Toggling layer visibility, moving the view around etc. doesn’t seem to get the curves back. A restart of the application is the only fix.

Solid objects don’t appear to be affected.

I have the exact same problem… It’s impossible to work with the latest WIP. Fortunately I still have the previous WIP on my laptop.


I haven’t found a reliable way to repeat the problem, but it doesn’t seem to be file dependent. I just opened a new session, new model. Draw some curves on the default layer, zoomed around, hid the curves, showed them again… Then changed the current layer to “Layer 1” - and the curves disappeared! However, I wasn’t able to repeat the problem again in a new session… Strange!


Here also the same problem… Disappeared lines can still be selected and when moved the sometimes appear again. But it’s indeed impossible to work with.

Hi @kurtis.chen, @Philip, @ties.van.benten -

That does sound unusable. Before you roll-back to the previous RhinoWIP, can you all please do me a favor? Can you please run the SystemInfo command and copy the information back into a reply here? We may find some hardware similarities that may help us reproduce this.

Additionally, does it seem to happen at the beginning of a session or after a couple minutes? Do you all use Layouts? (I’m just speculating here).

Thanks in advance,

Odd, just after clicking “Reply” above, I switched back to the RhinoWIP, panned the Top view and the curves disappeared. I’ll do more testing, I guess.

I reported this yesterday in a repeatable case.

Thanks @John_Brock. @luna reported something similar as well RH-50388.

It turns out, this is a much more generic issue and easy to reproduce (for me, at least) once you see that it is about the window going in and out of focus.

Logged in RH-50400.

Good that you can reproduce it. Here’s my system info anyway:
iMac Pro.txt (2.6 KB)


This should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP that we published just to fix this. :crossed_fingers: