Graphics Card selection

I have both Nvidia Quadro 2100 and Intel HD Graphics 4600 on my computer. I noticed that Rhino uses the Intel graphics card when I check the “Use accelerated hardware” box, but never the Nvidia. I understand that the Quadro cards are not recommended, but I would like to see if my Rhino 5 can use it instead of the Intel card. Thanks.

I’m not sure about the Quadros, but Intels are a main factor for unexpected crashes so if possible, you should prefer the NVIDIA over Intel. The Geforce card drivers allow to define which programs should be able to use the NVIDIA card. There is probably a similar setting for your Quadra card.

Thanks! Turned out Windows had erroneously claimed that the Quadro driver was up to date when it was in fact not. I can now run the Quadro on Rhino. Lines are still jagged when extruding though, even when antiliasing is turned out.

I don’t know where you got the idea that Quadro cards are not recommended for Rhino. I would have to disagree, as that’s our main card (we are running well over 100 installations here). You mention that your AA isn’t working when extruding, but how about the rest of the time? How does it look? It’s been our experience that the Quadro cards have excellent AA, whereas the ATI/AMD do not.


My Firepro W7000 gives me excellent viewing results and works extremely well in Rhino.with not antialiasing issues.