Recommended Graphic Card to use the Rhino V5

Hello everyone. I am thinking to upgrade my current graphic card which is ASUS GTX 560 Ti Direct Cu Top to either Nvidia Quadro K4000 or ATI FirePro W7000. Based on my research, one of mcneel staff had certified the driver for ATI FirePro card which is advantage if I buy ATI FirePro W7000. But again, Nvidia has CUDA which totally support VRay. On the other hand, some say that Quadro K4000 is not suitable for 3D artist as it is slow. Which of these cards are better in term of performance and efficiency for render, panning and handling complex 3D models? I hope you guys can share the experiences or suggestions.

Hi, I don’t know about new Quadro K and Firepro W but I used both Quadro 4000 and Firepro V5900 before. What I noticed is that Firepro card was much better than Quadro card in terms of monitor’s virtual experience, the smooth feeling of modeling and most importantly the Firepro card could handle large files (I forgot how large the file was but huge differences)
If you use Adobe and Autodesks go with Quadro product line, faster. For Rhino, Firepro wins from my previous exp.


This may help, we’ve tested all current Quadro performance with Rhino 5:

except the K6000, but we’ll do that soon


The is a little sentences a the review that show the Rhino disaster, since Rhino is a NURBS modeller and most models based on curves:

“GPU1 (lines) scores for the four newer cards were virtually identical, giving a 12percent benefit over the older FX1750.”

It means, if your display is slow, than you can spend a lot of money to get 12% percent more speed.

After reading through the support section on best hardware for a better faster Rhino experience, I thought I would upgrade from my Asus U36J notebook, with its intel i5 processor, 2GB of ram, Nvidia Geforce 10m, and running windows 7-64.
I went out and bought a new computer at the end of December, Description as follows:

Asus X79-Deluxe MB,
Intel core i7 4930K 3.4 GHz processor.
32 GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz 4x8 Ram.
Intel 530 180GB SSD for the primary Hard drive.
WD d.1TB SATA111 hard drive as backup,
Windows 8.1 pro 64bit.,
and what I thought was going to really speed things up - an Nvidia Quadro K2000 video card.

What a disappointment. The performance of the new computer is terrible. When it comes to opening a rhino session with a 500MB model it takes about 22 seconds, compared to 30 for the same file on the laptop. disappointing.
The real problem is trying to manipulate the model in the new setup. In perspective view while rotating the model it lags and jerks. on the notebook it is smooth and as quick as one can drag the mouse.
Re-Shading the model takes about 5 sec, compared to 1-2 sec on the notebook, and the shading is better on the notebook.
The new computer while switching between a single screen and four screens takes several seconds per screen so 6-8 sec. The notebook 1 sec. or less.
Creating or editing geometry is the worst. Trying to draw a simple line beside the model by randomly picking points in space there is a time lag before the second point is acknowledged and then another ~1-2 sec. before it appears.
Chaining lines is even worse, it freezes a second while trying to snap to the end of the first curve and may or may not complete the second curve.
This setup was a waste of money. I have of course updated to the latest Quadro drivers and all the Windows updates, as well as installing the latest service release of Rhino.
As recommended, I have also set the quadro K2000 to workstation mode ( a slight improvement)
I will say that rendering in Flamingo Nxt is 4-5 times quicker than the notebook, but that hardly warrants the expense or frustration of the new system.
I have gone back to the notebook until a solution is found. Any help would be greatly appreciated.