Feature Request: Gradient and Transparency Hatches


(DJS) #1

Hello Mcneel

If possible it would be very helpful to be able to create gradient and partially transparent hatch objects (or another object that provides a similar function) in Rhino for Mac. Here are a few examples:

Is this possible?


(John Brock) #2

It’s not currently possible with how the tool is designed now.

I’m pretty sure this is on the future wish-list, but I added a new one anyway:

(DJS) #3

Thanks for your reply John.

Do you have any suggested workarounds at this point?

I believe that there is a Rhino Windows tool which achieves this effect, but it has not made it over to the Mac version yet. Is this correct? What are the chances of that tool being ported into the next Mac version?


(John Brock) #4

Nothing in Windows Rhino I know of either.
It would be a “post production” thing done is some other paint-style application, or perhaps you could fake it with a decal or color texture applied to the surface.