Gradient Ramp -"Crv2View"

Hey! I´m learning now since 2 Weeks rhino, and i´m trying to model a Ramp. In the rhino tutorial i learned the command “Crv2View” … i thought this its possible to make the gradient with that command… but its not possible… it says: intersecting curve projections (this is translated - not sure if its the correct translate!)

Does someone has a better idea or way how to create that lines? :slight_smile: Would be very happy! Thanks

Hi Felix - please post your curves here (public) or send via email to to my attention, with a link back here in your comments.


Hey, thanks for the answere!!! You cant see the screenshot in my post??

greetings, felix

Please post a .3dm file with you curves in it. We can’t do much with just images. There are a few ‘standard’ ways of creating ramp curves, but it would be good to use your file for an example.

On the command prompt, you can choose the direction of the extrusions (the command is basically the intersection of both extrusions). So make sure that the direction of the straight line is perpendicular to it. And for the ramp curve, the direction should be vertical.

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MCneel_Ramp.3dm (296.8 KB)

Here is the .dm file! Thank you so much for your effort!!

So maybe my way is not the best way to do this. But i´m sure you can see what i want to do with that ramps, maybe you can give me a hint whats the best way to create that gradient line to sweep it with the profile - thaaaaaaaanks!!

Thank you felipe for you answere. But i didnt get you - about the extrusions. Which command you use in your case? Thanks, greetings Felix

Hi Felix - it is not really all that clear what you want to do - in general, export the parts of the file with the geoimetry that you are asking about I guess the question is about the surface but I am not sure what the question is and which two curves are inputs to Crv2View.

Did you want to introduce banking to the existing ramp surface? Just a wild guess.