Rhino 7 transparency issue - exporting to vector PDFs not functional

Hi, I have found that exporting hatches with transparency modifications (ie, not sold colour) doesn’t work when creating vector PDFs - in which case, the hatches appear pixellated. It works when you create a raster PDF, but that’s not ideal, of course.

Is there a way to resolve this?

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Hi - I changed the color of the active layer to be somewhat transparent and then created a rectangle and hatched that rectangle. I’m not seeing any pixilation when I print to vector PDF. Should I try something else to see the behavior that you are describing?

vol4_vect.pdf (424.1 KB)

No, that is how the issue is occurring. Here is an example of how it appears.

Are you using Rhino PDF as your PDF printer? I can’t repeat this with our Rhino PDF printer.