Create such a this pattern in grasshopper ? (Cull Pattern - paneling for attractive image sampler) πŸ™πŸΌ

I’m trying to do different patterns to compose a general facade with an image sampler. I 'm stock with culling each matrice. I would like to accord to slider to compose, the numbers, scale, position and the rotation of the matrice. I 'm stock with culling to create surface of the 2 types of matrice (cf picture)-H–1906_07 .gh (23.0 KB)
1906_test3.3dm (34.4 KB)

Does anyone know how to do this? thanks by advance

I’m not sure I completely understand your question. In your definition, you do produce the pattern like in your image. Can you point out which part is not working as you desire, and show an example of the result you are after?

the process is too heavy, and it don’t make surfaces properly. I m sure it exist an other way much better :wink:

Ok, so you are getting the result you are after, but need to optimize the solution or find other ways to do it more lightweight?
Here are some questions:

  • Do you want separate scale control for black vs gray patterns?
  • Do you want to vary the scale of the pattern across the surface?
  • You mentioned β€œimage sampler” in your initial post, do you want to follow some image to control the scale or rotation of the pattern?

Because it was too difficult and too long to do, i decide to change the technique ^^. I do the pattern in rhino directly. Now I try to convert the curve on surface properly and paneling it with image sampler.


Ok, so is this working better for you? Which part you still need help with?

1-How to make properly surface from them pattern
2-I’m trying to resolve this bug of superposition

Do you not have the surface?
I guess I am still a little confused as to what you need to achieve in the end? Tiles of different scale/rotation patterns? Smooth transition? If you can sketch the final result that you are trying to achieve, then this will be good.

Here is an example, that use an input modules, and random distribution. I hope this helps. You can use image sampling as well to drive the distribution. Check the PT-GH manual for examples (download manual and examples from here…)


Thanks for this one.
Does it also work with geometry? I tried it cause i got a pattern wich is made out of multiple surfaces and i could get it somehow to work. But now it’s flat.
So basically i got a few different tiles which i want to distribute randomly over an area

so thats not to bad it’s just missing it’s height.

β€œData conversion failed from brep to curve.” and i have no idea what i have to change

Can you share you GH and Rhino file?

Yeah sure (15.4 KB)
pattern.3dm (18.1 MB)

tried something with an extrude so that they extrsuion doesn’t have has the same hight over the whole area but that too much for grasshopper and my Laptop.

Attached is a possible solution (53.3 KB)


Thanks for the help. I actually tried the 3D Morph but i didn’t know how to use it.

Honestly i never though about using meshes. Would have been the wiser choice cause we got 18 different tiles (with different Colours for different material)