Grab lag only when ALT+LMB active

Hello Kangaroovians,

I have Rhino 6 and the latest Kangaroo installed on my super duper XEON powererd Thinkpad workstation and yet the grab component is really laggy when activated (see video below). Does anyone know what might be going on here? Thankipoos.

Hey Greg,
Can you try deleting that Grab component from the canvas, and replacing it with a new one from the toolbar? There have been a few versions of it, and if I recall I kept some of the older versions as legacy components (so they load when used in old definitions, but don’t appear on the toolbar).
There’s also no longer any need to hold down anything on the keyboard when using Grab.
I think there were issues with some old versions where the search step (where it finds which particle to drag) kept getting repeated, instead of just happening once when you first clicked, but I thought this was fixed now.

Aha. Yes… ! That was it
Thank you

I know there are still some other issues with the Grab component that can sometimes cause it to stop working, such as when goals are removed so that the grabbed particle no longer exists.
If it does misbehave it can usually be fixed by deleting and replacing it with ctrl-x,ctrl-v