Rhino 6 Kangaroo Mac Bug

Hi there,

Just wanted to check if someone had time to look into Kangaroo performance issues on a Mac?
If not, is it been fixed in WIP 7?

Here is a link where problem was described and sample files where attached.

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Hi @arten,

Thanks again for your patience.
Which version are you currently running?
I tested a while back when you posted about this, and was able to replicate it getting extremely slow and freezing.
However, I just tested again in the current Mac Beta, and the speed seems good:

(this is on a 2015 i5 2.9 GHz MBP with 8GB RAM, and integrated Intel Graphics, so not very hi-spec)

I do notice that the Grab tool is still not very responsive, and pausing the solver by toggling to false sometimes takes a moment. I’ll see if anything can be done to improve these. Hopefully you can confirm though that the overall speed is now good after updating to the latest Beta?

Also, I have improved the Escape behaviour to cancel the Kangaroo solution, so this should make it easier to stop simulations that aren’t behaving.

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Hi @DanielPiker,

Glad to hear back from you. I hope you are doing great.
I haven’t tried WIP 7 yet, will give it a shot this week at some point and will let you know.

I still using Rhino 6 and still the same problem, unfortunately. If it works in WIP7 it is good I will work on Kangaroo projects in version 7.

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Hi @DanielPiker,

Yes, I can confirm Rhino 7 Beta Kangaroo works great :+1: Sooo much better. I don’t have to wait now.
Grab as you mentioned a bit slow though, but I am not using it too often.

Thank you!

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I can confirm that. Also panning around in the gh canvas while the solver is running, works only very slowly. This is a bit cumbersome for simulations that take a long time to converge, or never converge…

Alle the best,