Simulation in Kangaroo

When pressing the Alt/LMB keys to drag object, the object lags and moves much slower than the mouse. Did I miss something?. Very new to Kangaroo.

Maybe your Kangaroo simulation is still running?

Cannot understand your comments. I thought when we release the mouse or alt key the simulation stops immediately

Are you using Kangaroo 2? Check your “solver” component. If it does not say “converged” and it’s still updating you may experience lag when navigating the canvas.

Yes Kangaroo 2 / Rhino 6. Yes the solver is saying converged.

Actually now I am working on the tutorial by Daniel, mechanical asm simulation. His videos, the objects moves smoothly

Hi @fwk, could you give us a screenshot? It is hard to tell what’s wrong without seeing the definition.

The solver is still running even after the mouse is released. And it takes a further few seconds to converge.

Hi @Lina actually the definition is as what Daniel illustrated in his tutorial. Anyway, I attach it.

So you are having issues with the “Grab” component, we should invite @DanielPiker to this topic, to help you out :slight_smile:

Ya ya, @DanielPiker, your help is needed here.

What is the geometry like that you are using?
If it is complex then that will slow down the display updates.

If you convert your Brep to a mesh before passing it to the rigid body component that should speed things up.

The geometry used is as the one in your tutorials, mechanical linkages mechanism, ball joints and hinges. I m currently using K2/rhino 6. Brep to mesh, point noted. TQ

Hi Daniel, tried converting the brep to mesh, but the result is the same. This time I use a box geometry

I have a definition of a Paul Schatz invertible cube. It works fine on my pc with rhino 6 at home. Today I tried on a Mac with a virtual machine Windows 10 rhino 6. Tried the grab component but geometry barely moved. Could it be some sort of mouse setting issues?