GPU Computing (Vray) Rhino 8 crashes

I reported that the latest update of Vray 6 (hotfix 4) creates problems with GPU calculation (Cuda/Rtx). Rhino 8 crashes when rendering via GPU. I thought it was the fault of the latest nVidia drivers, but I verified that it was their update’s fault, since even with the April nVidia drivers Rhino 8 crashes.
Have any of you encountered the same problem?

Did you install the Vray recommended driver version? Its version 551.86 - newer versions have problems.

I asked Chaos support directly, they told me to install the April driver version (552.22); I tried, but they didn’t work. You tell me to try with the March drivers (551.86), I don’t want to have to try all the old drivers…
I’ll try! Thank you.

Website says its 551.86

(all the new drivers have always worked up until Vray (hotfix 3). Once the latest update (hotfix 4) has been installed, suddenly the latest nvidia drivers no longer work).

Thank you

I have had problems with newer drivers and V-Ray in the past, no crashes tho…

It’s strange that Vray worked up until update 3 with every driver installed (including the latest ones). I updated Vray to the latest hotfix and nothing works anymore. I would blame the problem on the Vray update and not so much on the drivers.

(I have tested all nVidia drivers, as I always update them).