GPU & 2D Grid texture problem

Hey everyone,

I’m using a simple grid texture on a flat plane and control the grid repetition by nesting + Repeat UV and adjusted the planar mapping size of the plane.

Since I upgraded my GPU recently I would like to use it for rendering but using a Repeat UV of 10,10 results in missing grid lines like this:

A repetition of 5,5 works fine (but everything above that doesn’t):

Maybe someone could help me with what I’m doing wrong here? It works fine in CPU mode.
vray_grid.3dm (87.9 KB)

Kind regards

Looks like the grid lines become narrower than 1px, when above 5x5. Try increasing the GPU sampling size

Thanks for your reply @Nikolay. The Vray settings often confuse me - could you tell me where I can increase GPU sampling size? The size hint led me to increase the u&v width of the nested grid - that also works :slight_smile: