GOST common font does not work

Try this font and type

ááááááá ééééé íííííí

does not work

Why is that?

Hi @ivan.galik,

I’m not seeing this either Rhino 7 or Rhino 8 for Windows.


How did you install the fonts? Did you install for all users?

In Windows, go to Control Panel > Fonts. Find GOST Common. Then right-click and select “Preview”. Does this look as you’d expect?


– Dale

try this ááááááá ééééé íííííí. other characters work.

This is a problem with the font, not Rhino. I see the same thing in Word.

In Windows>Fonts

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i did not even try it in other app because i saw it working on colleagues pc. interesting

Hmm, some difference in Windows regional settings or something affecting encoding? Here I’m running Windows in US English, localized in CH…

It works in notepad and autocad, not in word and rhino

is it not strange?

Hi @ivan.galik,

I can look into this further.

Note, I’ve deleted the font set you uploaded, as they are Autodesk copyrighted.

– Dale

i think they are free for personal use

That probably does not give the right to distribute.

There are two .ttf files associated with the GOST font, regular and italic. There are issues with the encoding of the regular font which don’t appear in the italic one.

Unicode character aacute, á. should be encoded as 00E1. Unicode character thorn, þ, should be encoded 00FE.

In the regular file it seems that, while aacute is indeed encoded 00E1, thorn is actually encoded as 00FE, 00C5, 00D6, 00DC, 00E1 and 00F2. This means that there are two or more characters that can be chosen for the code 00E1. How the operating system/apps go about resolving this I don’t know, but as you see, you can get the wrong glyph. There is a similar issue with unicode 00E9 and 00ED, the other characters in your sample text. And other characters.

I don’t know if these errors appear in the font as originally distributed by Autodesk, or whether they have appeared in the world of “free” font repositories. The ones I tested came from an Autodesk software related forum, but that doesn’t mean they are a true Autodesk distribution.

If you use the italic font you may avoid the problem (the sample characters are ok but who knows what may lurk elsewhere).

Hope that explains the issue.


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