Saved files and backup files wind up in trash

As I work in Rhino 3D and save my file, I’ve noticed every file save accompanies a backup file in the trash can. This doesn’t affect my actual file, but it’s perplexing why Rhino would be doing this. Note, I’m working with Rhino for Mac.

Hi @Bradley64,
This is new behavior in Rhino 8.
There is an advanced setting that controls this saving to the recycle bin.
You can disable it:

Rhino 8 > Settings > Advanced (the Gear) (Or Options command works now in Rhino 8 Mac)
Search for: Rhino.Options.FileSettings.RecycleAutosaveFiles
Set it to False to not write these files.

We do this as a “fail-safe.” MacOS automatically recoups the disk space used by files in the Trash when it is running out of space.It does seem to have helped in conditions where users have had Autosave/Versions corruption on Mac.If macOS needs more disk space it just empties stuff from the trash in order of when it was added.

Mary Ann Fugier

Thank you. Max informed me of this earlier. Much appreciated.

Sorry for the double reply, @Bradley64.
By answering it here too, it becomes part of a searchable archive and available for future inquires.

Thanks for posting here.
Mary Ann Fugier