Goodbye Margaret, and Thank You

For the last twenty years, @margaret has reminded me to construct my written communications using the simplest language write simply. She asks questions like “Why are the options in these two commands, which seem to do the same thing, named differently?”. She asks us to consistently use words like select instead of pick, so you don’t have to wonder if they mean the same thing.

Margaret has developed the English language standards for everything we publish. She has touched the help, user’s guides, and training materials for most of our products. She is the last stop for each new feature, and won’t give it her approval until it makes sense.

Alas, it is time for Margaret to begin a new chapter in her life, and on December 15th, she will be leaving McNeel.

Margaret - thank you for all your hard work, for what you’ve taught me, and for helping make Rhino what it is today. I’ll miss you.


How can we have Rhino without Margaret?? :heart_eyes:

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A very challenging task. But she did a great job. Rhino documentation is a model for the industry and the active command help was an innovation. Thanks, @margaret, and best wishes in your future endeavors.


Thank you @margaret for all work over the years, and for your patience with us users as well. Copy editing is hard, doing it for software in an open forum must be nigh impossible. Please know we will miss you and your work, and wish you the best of luck for your future.


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I fondly remember all the dope-slapping between you, @margaret and @heath and though we haven’t heard your voice much on this discourse, it was always reassuring just knowing you were behind ‘help’! Thanks Marge :o)


I know I’m rarely around these days, but I wanted to pop in and thank @margaret for all she’s done. THANK YOU, you were an integral part of what I love about Rhino. All the best for whatever is next.


Also, for old time’s sake:



:cry: – Mitch

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Good luck Margaret, We will all miss you.

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@margaret has been, quietly and most often behind the scenes, just making things work better. We owe her a huge debt of gratitude for her exemplary work that has benefitted us all.

Thanks Margaret.

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Margaret thanks for your help and knowledge you will be missed.
Roland M

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Thank you Margaret!
You were teaching me more than just Rhino.
I’ll miss you!

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Margaret has been at McNeel for a long time, way longer than me, struggling mightily to to tame the unruly Rhino and make it more usable and friendly for y’all, in spite of the rest of us. (In fact, I have Margaret to thank , for, among all the other stuff, my getting here to McNeel in the first place; she got me started helping out here and there, ‘on the side’, back when I used to do real work.)

Thanks, Margaret.

BTW, Margaret’s documentation duties are being taken over by the ever vigilant and laser-beam-like Kelvin Cheng, @KelvinC.

Hi Kelvin!



Thanks a lot @margaret, you were a very important part of making this community so helpful and friendly.

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Best Luck in your next adventure @margaret. And thanks so much for all your support and patience with me over the years.


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Oh no… I’ll miss you Margaret :cry: Thank you for all your help - and the best of luck! :slight_smile:
I’m having a hard time imagining Rhino without Margaret…


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Heath, Man, it HAS been a while. Thanks for the reminder. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks, everyone for your kind words. Even though I never met most of you in person, I feel we are all part of a great working family. I shall just say:
Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish. :kissing_heart:


That dope slap card was created for you FOURTEEN years ago! You deserved every single fish. :slight_smile:


@margaret, happy retirement.

I had a strong feeling about this when I was translating in the past decade. Hope I can write simply and accurately as Margaret does. Sometimes, too many details only confuse users more.

Thanks, @pascal. I’ll do my best and hope I won’t let you guys down.