Goodbye Janet, and Thank You!

@Janet was one of the first five employees of Robert McNeel & Associates, and has been working here since 1986. She’s helped navigate some huge transitions over the years - including the launch of Rhino and overseeing our transition from selling other people’s software to making and publishing our own. If you ever called or emailed the Seattle office looking for help with sales or licensing, you likely talked with Janet. She has organized more details behind the scenes than I can list.

Janet’s no-nonsense, honest, and clear way of communicating is something I aspire to. And, she has shown me how to be generous even when it’s hard.

On April 26th, she’ll be retiring from McNeel, and beginning something new. I wish you the best, Janet, and will miss you. I’ll never mix my plaids again without thinking of you :slight_smile:


Wish you the best, @Janet. Thank you.


It’s always sad to see someone go but it is also a good thing to start something new, best wishes.
Phil and Valérie

I’m basically in Indonesia and mostly dealing with Wendy with her finest support. However, I’d like to extend my best wishes to Janet for her new course :blush:

Thank you Janet, for your passionate work for McNeel.

When I look back at our communciation over the years, I see your devotion for a fair Rhino business and kindness in your words.
For me these aspects have always been the drive being a Rhino reseller. It is always about the people and not about the profit or importance of the goals. Only then it is nice when the consequence is a comfortable income.

That is why McNeel in general and you in person are inspirational!

Janet, I wish you all the best.


Thank you Janet for all your heart felt work, you will be missed, My hope for you is that you may enjoy your new time! I pray for the BEST for you in all you look forward to