Glitchy hatch

Created my own hatch with makehatch from @SamPage (maybe he can also help)
It had a tonne of lines in it and I didn’t realise how slow it was going to make my laptop… whenever I access the hatch list both from settings and the command when I scroll through the options it makes my laptop run at about 5 fps
Created a smaller version of it that runs fine but now when I go to delete the larger version, it doesn’t delete and reappears, further lagging my hatch menu and seeming to be burnt into my computer!

  • have tried deleting then closing Rhino but that does nothing.
  • Have purged hatches, which deleted my other made ones but not the problem one, which is found nowhere on my the specific document
  • deleted the file that you have to import to create the hatch and emptied my trashbin to see it it would help delete it

Should I uninstall the makehatch extension and maybe it wil go away then?

hopefully someone can help me as it is very frustrating spending 30 seconds just to do a hatch!