Hatch window slow to load preview hatches

Hi there,

I recently downloaded an expanded hatch package of maybe 20-30 hatches. Now, whenever I click on a hatch object and it automatically opens the hatch window on the right, a 1/2 second is introduced to the workflow. Not devastating, but very annoying. Any display alterations such as shrinking the preview window are not remembered when a new hatch is selected and the delay remains.

Is there a way of stopping it automatically opening the hatch window?

This is less of a problem on my desktop computer and I am writing from my old 2012 macbook pro running windows 10, so maybe this is un avoidable. But would be great to not have this issue as I hope to work alot on the move too!

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I have the same exact problem. I recently downloaded these hatches and it slows Rhino each time the small hatch preview panel appears. Not all the hatches but some, like the one here:

TumbledLedge.zip (158.8 KB)