Hatch Glitch

One issue I’ve been encountering is that sometimes when I try to hatch a closed polyine there seems to be some glitching. Often the hatch, which is set to a a solid fill on a white layer, doesn’t appear at all against the background, though when I click where it should be something appears to be selecting because the gumball appears but still the hatch remains invisble. I’ve attached my file below for reference as well as a couple of screenshots.


Hatch Glitch Example.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hi Paul - can you look at/screen grab Properties when in the state of the second image?


Hi Pascal,

Yes! Here they are


Hi Paul - that sure looks wrong to me - am I correct that it does not always do this?


Today was the second time it started happening. I can’t remember if there was something I did the first time to get the hatches to work… Currently the same thing seems to happen in any file I open.

Hi Paul - so, make a rectangle, select it and Hatch - you do not see the hatch at all, at any point, is that correct? As I recall you may have some non-standard display settings - can you export and post a display mode where you see this occur?


Hi Pascal,

Yes, here is the rectangle.

And yes, as for display this is what I use nonstandard:


  • High contrast mode (I’ve turned this on and off and it did not change the hatch)
  • Large cursor

In Rhino:

  • Black background
  • OpenGL currently set to 2.1 (using a 32" screen)
  • I had customized some other parts of the display like thicker default line-weights but I believe these were reset today


And here is a display mode
Wireframe_PD.ini (14.1 KB)

Hi Paul - this might be the thing right here.

Yep, that is it.


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Aha, changed it back and it fixed it. I had read somewhere that OpenGL can help if default line weights appear thin. Adjusted this in the display modes instead and all is working.