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for this picture i imported a stone object, which was created in blender by a plugin, into rhino and experimented with glass material and light. As light source i used a hdri-image and a spotlight.

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hi, looks very interesting. i love caustics, just cycles let alone the legacy render engine would not produce caustics and definitely no refraction. so how did you render it?


How do you achieve those light projection on table?


i also love to play around with physical light simulations like caustics, dispersion and refractions. Cycles is a great render engine and produce high quality output but it does not calculate such light effects.

So i am looking around and find a render-plugin for Rhino “thearender”. With thearender it is possible to simulate those physical effects.


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Nice render.
As i understand you used Blender for modeling and Thearender for rendering, what is the role of Rhino?

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