LuxCoreRenderer for Rhino?

Hello , can LuxCoreRenderer replace Cycles in Rhino? it is better so far and free.

All the code included in LuxCore repository has been released under a new license: Apache Licence v2.0. It is a very liberal license allowing the use of the code inside commercial products too. Original LuxRender v1.x code was released under GPL license.

It could (but it won’t replace). Note though that it is quite slow, even though it has potentially great results.

Several weeks ago I started tinkering with integrating it as a week-end project.

As part of that project I started converting the example scenes from Example Scenes – LuxCoreRender to Rhino 7 for comparison.

Here is Danish Mood with mostly Rhino materials and undenoised.

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Interesting, it is very useful with caustics and like Maxwell and similar render engines it is slow but the quality is excellent.
Nice render by the way

The caustics for me is the reason to pick this up. I don’t know yet what the extent of the integration is going to be, maybe even just production render (_Render), at least to get started with. Nor do I know when there will be anything usable (:

edit: side fact, LuxCoreRenderer is based on the renderer from, written using literate programming approach. Liked that paradigm so much I’ve done a small Visual Studio Code extension that lets you do that. (See one of the scripts I did with this). And yes, LuxCoreRenderer plug-in is being written with it.

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Great, i hope see it soon in Rhino

Also the lights-groups. You can adjust the light during and after the render is done.

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Sounds cool.

Baby steps, though.

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