Rhino 7 caustics

I try to render caustics but it looks not supported yet and colored gem looks better than diamonds.
and is the render engine support ies lights?

If you need proper caustics you’ll need to use an engine that does them.

Cycles is a unidirectional path tracer, intricate caustics are not supported.

IES lights are not yet exposed, that will most likely happen for v8.


Thanks , and light texture?
I try this but didn’t give any result

What are you expecting to happen here?

Light and shadows, you can see nothing even i increase light intensity to 100

Yeah, I see no change in emission in a pbr > 1 in the multiplier if a texture is used. Higher numbers are accepted but seem not to have any effect.

RH-61814 PBR Emissive: Multiplier stops at 1 with a texture


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Thanks , i think multiplier have no effect at all even if it equal 0 or 0.01

That is not really going to happen since the emission from the surface with the emission material on has no direction. At most on shadow borders that essentially block part of the surface you can see colorization effects

If you’re looking to project some form of light pattern you probably should place a surface with a texture on base color and opacity set to something smaller than 1. Place a light behind the surface and you’ll get a projection.

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So it is not work like blender cycles?

Ehm, this is exactly the same?

The multiplier wasn’t being used properly, but I landed a fix today. That fix will be in Rhino 7.2 SRC in a few weeks.

As I showed in the first shot with the checker texture you get shadows and lighting properly once you have a version with the fix in.

From your reply

I understood you wanted the pattern of the texture on objects lit by it. Apparently a misunderstanding.

So, to recap - with the fixed version - you will be able to control the emission strength of a texture in the emission channel. You will get lighting just as you’d see in Blender Cycles:


Thank you this will very nice
I tried to create fake caustics since cycles don’t support it , just a try i don’t know if it work or no.
Is it possible to use nodes in future maybe from grasshopper to make complex materials?

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It is planned yes.


RH-61814 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

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