Gismo and Heron matching

hi guys,

As gismo plugin didn’t export any satelite image that could be further mapped onto the generated terrain, I tryied using heron to get that image.

The main problem is when overlapping buildings shapes - from OSM (throught Gismo) - they do not match properly. And the problem is even worst when you move away from the origin point. it create a greater distortion. I suspect 2 differents projection type regarding OSM (gismo) and ARCgis (heron, using WSG84). Maybe @djordje could you enlighten me on this issu ?

*I know heron support .shp files that you can use to make the buildings, but I found that grabing a descent shapefile is quite a challenge. I rather want to stick to OSM. (114 KB)

P.S. in order to use that definition correctly so heron doesn’t not throw you an error, you have to drop the gismo gismo component and enable it each time you open the .GH file.

thank you !!
Charles C.

Hi Charles,

The non-alignment is probably caused by openstreetmap not using the google maps satellite imagery for their mapping. There are different sources that are used instead. I see in your definition you also use Esri imagery, which is what openstreetmap uses as well. The issue may be that part of Canada may not be mapped with the use of Esri imagery.


Thank you @djordje I will try to manually go around that issue then.