Ghopps server installation error- Hops

I’m trying to install ghhops but I run into this error

PS C:\Users\RANIA> pip install ghhops-server
Collecting ghhops-server
  Using cached ghhops_server-1.4.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl (10 kB)
Collecting rhino3dm
  Using cached rhino3dm-7.14.2-cp310-cp310-win_amd64.whl (2.0 MB)
ERROR: rhino3dm has an invalid wheel, rhino3dm has an invalid wheel, .dist-info directory not found

I have Rhino 7.17 and Python 3.10 installed. Any ideas? I also have Rhino 8 WIP installed, but looks like the installation process calls Rhino 7.

I tried Python 3.8 and 3.9 as well, still no success! Also I tried Rhino 7.14 and 7.17.

We accidentally published an invalid version of rhino3dm to pypi. Working on a fix for this right now.

Great! thanks @stevebaer!

I just updated rhino3dm on pypi to 7.15. Hopefully this will fix the issues you were seeing

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Awesome! The installation worked smoothly, thank you @stevebaer!