Ghhops_server pip install issue

I am attempting to set up hops on my M1 Mac through the method described in “Calling a Cpython Server” note about hops for macos users

pip install ghhops_server creates a rhino version during “building wheel for rhino3dm (”
Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 12.05.15 PM

One issue i see is the cached version of rhino3dm-7.14.2.tar.gz is not the current rhino i have installed (Rhino7.16)

Do i need to match my active Rhino version (7.16) with the rhino version referenced in the conda environment.?

if so, how do i keep these two Rhino Versions the same going forward.


You do not need to keep these in sync. The version of rhino3dm just refers to the version of Rhino’s source code that it is built off of.

We had some bad hiccups with the 7.14 version of rhino3dm and shipped a 7.15 version of rhino3dm last week. I would recommend upgrading to this latest version of rhino3dm
pip install rhino3dm --upgrade

Thanks Steve I will upgrade my Rhino version and go ahead,

I have actually be struggling with getting Hops working on my Mac all day. I followed the video tutorial in the “getting started with CPython in Grasshopper” section and recreated the code written and followed some examples on the compute.rhino3d GitHub and have not been able to get it to work.

When accessing a grasshopper file with Hops inputs and outputs or a server access, it never shows inputs in the hops component in the new file:

Let me know if you can help with the setup on Mac.

Did you try entering the full path to a ghhops_server function? For example

I will try that right away, however, i cant seem to get the new rhino3dm version to download via pip

the most recent version accessable seems to be 17.14.2

This was the correct solution, still using rhin3dm 17.14.2 however haha.

Ah, you must be on an M1. We haven’t published M1 versions of 17.5 yet.

yep, let me know when the M1 version is up, thanks for the help Steve

Hey Steve,

Have you published the M1 version of 17.5 yet? I’m having a new issue with downloading rhino3dm on M1 with 17.14.2.