GH2 & Rhino.Inside Revit


Does this mean that RiR will need to be re-written for GH2?


Rhino.Inside.Revit 2.0 will still be in GH1.

Like David said, GH2 is fundamentally different and there is no forward plugin compatibility.

I’m sure at some point there will be revit functionality integrated into GH2 when running Rhino.Inside Revit, but that is very far off in the future. The first alpha of GH2 was just released and getting this to a point where it is stable enough to build custom Revit components on top of is a long way off.

Hi @lignindes,

RiR project started three years ago.
From those three years I estimate that we only need to repeat the last one.
This would mean porting RiR to GH2 should be less than a year / developer.

Now the team is bigger so once we start, and this is the real point, we are talking about months to have a full port of the current implementation.

That said our main goal is provide tools to solve problems.
I hope RiR is helping you solve some of those problems no matter if it is on GH1 or GH2.