Displaying different geometry on plan and in 3d model

Hi everybody.
Actually, I have two questions:

  • Is there a way to display different geometry on plan and in 3d model? The question is about VA style from GH definition, which have a lot of details, and not all of them I want to be displayed in 3d.
  • Second question following from first. If (for example) its possible, and I will have two sets of geometry in GH definition (simplified for 3d and detailed for 2d) - will this affect the speed of displaying in viewport?

Just for explanation - i know, that there is a feature like this, when we create new style from GH:

But last time when I used it, it haven’t work correctly, geometry have disappeared both from 3d and plan/sections. Maybe I missed something or misunderstood, how it works.
I use:
Rhino 7.9.21222.15001

Appreciate any help, thanks.

Hi Andrey,

Yes, this is only available for objects created from GH styles or objects created from blocks (where you can assign a block for the Model view, and a block for the Plan view).

In the case of objects created from GH styles, you need to assign the “identifiers” (the components) to “Model” or “Plan” view (with those checkboxes, like in your screenshot), depending on if you want to see them in 3D or just in Plan view. When no component is set to “Plan” , the Plan view will show the real section of the 3D model. But if you just set a single one of the components to “Plan” view, in the new style wizard, the other components set to Model view won’t be displayed in plan views.

Not really. The speed of the display will depend on the visible objects. But not on the hidden ones.
Let me know if you have further doubts or questions about this.

Francesc, thanks for your explanation! I have tried, it works.
But still have a couple of questions:

  • It works only for plan, not for sections, right?
  • And it works only for 2d geometry? I mean, if I created a set of 3d geometry to display in plan/section, this function will not work? Because when I tried this, I faced a problem, that in preview of styles window it displays correctly, but not in the plan, like in screenshot below.

Hi Andrey,
Both questions/conclusions are correct. Only 2D geometry can be assigned to Plan view representations, and there is no specific representation for objects in vertical sections.

Thanks for your reply, Francesc!