GH script slow - even with 'disable solver' on



I got a script which is still very slow - even after setting on ‘disable solver’.

I tried the The Metahopper Bottleneck navigator to find ‘the bottleneck’ but unfortunately this does not help, If I turn-off the slowest components.

Any suggestion how come, or how I can trouble shoot what the main cause it?
If the Solver is off, what can make the script slow? :sweat_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have the same problem and I also do not have a solution yet. Since it hasn’t been the case before, I am getting the feeling that it has something to do with an Rhino Update. Which Version are you currently using?

was it faster with a previous version of rhino?

It might be some logical problem e.g. if you compare two lists with 1000 objects each you’ll have 1’000’000 calculations, (n log n^2) which usually would not be recognized as bottleneck. Without any indicators it’s difficult to analyse the problem though.

are you able to post the file that appears to be slow?

Hi Thanks your your answer.
I am currently using Rhino 6.0.


Thanks for your answer.
I do understand that this would slow the script, however, when the solver is turned off it would not make it slow (because it is not making any calculations, correct?).
Unfortunately I am not able to share the script.

I have the feeling its something with the ‘visualisations’, there are a lot of component and line present. But I am not sure… :frowning:

hm, ok. I’m using Rhino 7.13.21334.13001
So that can’t be it

Oh, I understand. sadly it’s near to impossible to point at the error(s) then. I can only shoot some guesses in the dark then:

are you displaying many breps? if you replace them by meshes, it should be very much sfaster.

boolean operations can be extremely slow due to the heavy calculations behind it, are you doing some of those?

If I don’t tell too much crap here, the solver concerns only things like triremesh and kangaroo solvers. I guess if it doesn’t change the calculation speed, you probably don’t have any solver in your solution that slows it down. but as said, these are just wild guesses with little chance to lead to a solution…

another way would be to disable all your elements and activate them one after each other to locate the element that slows down your solution.

One thing, do you have autosave turned on and large amounts of internalised data in the script? This will result in GH writing the entire doc to the disk when you do anything in GH whether the solver is on or not.


That’s the solution! My Grasshopper file is quite big (25 MB) if I save it directly. If I clear all the referenced Rhino data it has only arround 400 kb. When turning of some of the autosave checkboxes under File\Preferences\Files it respondes very quickly again!
There’s just one thing I don’t unterstand: Why is Grasshopper saving all this referenced data and the whole solution when everything needs to be recalculated again when reopening the file anyway? Doesn’t make much sense to me …

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