GHPython Development + Performance Bottlenecks

Hi Giulio and Steve,

With all the development on the new GHPython component for Rhino 6, I assume that there probably won’t be more updates to the current GHPython component ( In either case I just wanted to ensure that a couple of performance bottlenecks I have come across are brought to attention.

I have logged these on GitHub and on the Grasshopper forum (with example file + images). But the gist is this:

  1. Letting Grasshopper perform the “implied” loop is slower than making the loop yourself in the script.
  2. Setting type hints seems to be slower than inputting data with “No Type Hint”.
  3. Outputtings lists with many items will often take longer than the actual computation performed by the script.

Really looking forward to trying out the new component, once we wrap up our current projects I’ll try to get Rhino 6 going.



I just ran the same tests using C# for comparison. The same issues are present, however 1) too a much smaller degree than with GHPython. In case anyone comes across the same performance issues…