Grasshopper Solver

So after a few consecutive script running for initinity session in GH computing, i started to use GH without the GH solver active.

Im using Rhino 7, W10, new HW with 128GB ram, dont think the PC is the issue).

It’s annoying to hit F5 each time to ‘execute’ but i have not had a infinite loop yet since i did this (see below). Even after removing the dam upstream of the script.

After reactivating the solver, things like a slider became a pain again to use - no dam upstream… Still, the mid stream script is slow so any move you make to the slider is without knowing where the slider will end (there’s no udpate because solver takes 2+ minutes to process). OK, you can double click and input the right value.

What I mean is that this a great option where (dams are not needed and) you can build your script faster. And you can regain the slider ‘dynamic’ control. Then F5… Another benefit is that now i have time to think of saving the script before processing in case it goes to the moon!

3 slider manipulations after reactivating the solver, GH is going again to the moon :roll_eyes:. Im not sure or saying this is a bug but feels like one. My CPU goes to 100%, (with solver off, hit F5 and you hear the fans kick in then stop), here it was 100% CPU usage. Memory use by Rhino was only 4GBs? 5.x GBs peak use - ( i have 128GBs so not worried) but there… GH solver crashed again.

Sorry i can’t share this script. I’ll try to make an example.

Not sure how to file this as a bug…

Slider re-trigger the computation every time it’s moved a little bit. Try to reduce the digits. If your script is that slow, replace sliders with panel for direct parameter input.

Memory doesn’t help in this case. CPU does.