GH Remote Control Panel

I saw someone touched on this in Nov of 2016 but I thought I would ask with a couple alternatives.

At work we do a lot of scenic elements and wall structures. I’m making a definition to be able to enter the wall shape with curves or 4 points and have it spit out the sub framing and skins based on material size.

Is there a component you can publish to the remote control panel that you can either manually type in a user variable (numbers based on range) or have a drop down to select from?

If there currently isn’t a component available do you think it would be possible to make one using C# or Python?



first of all I can only talk about R5
As far as I know you can only send buttons, toggles and sliders.
So typing is out of the question.
But for using lists, this is what I usually do:
(use a slider with integers to chose from a list and send this to R.C.)
I’m not talking with certainty, Somebody else might have a better approach.

Hi @anikolo

This will work better than my current slider. I will no longer have values that aren’t a real world size for metal tubing.
Thank you

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