RH Beta Nov7 - Grasshopper Remote Control Panel

In the new Beta version, and in Grasshopper, when I publish the number slider to the Remote Control Panel in Rhino and minimize Grasshopper, the slider in the Remote Control Panel lags with what is actually being animated in the Rhino viewport.

An example GH definition would be: Referencing a curve and using an extrusion component with a number slider published to the RCP in Rhino.

I can’t get the RCP to work at all in the Beta. All I get is a box with a blue gradient I can drag around:

@curtisw could this be something to do with Eto?

Probably not, I don’t think Eto is involved at all with GH on Windows.

Thanks @curtisw I just realised you have to double-click the blue box and then the RCP UI appears. Some recentish changes to the way dockable panels work must have caused this. I’ll investigate further.

@JohnM has been working on panels lately. He may be able to help

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I have been working on the Mac side of panels for the last week but the Windows code has not changed. Does the panel redraw if you resize the floating container?

No the opposite. Double-clicking the blue box makes the control visible, resizing the panel reverts to the blue box.