Wish List: Publish To Remote Panel feature for Value List component

I have seen in other threads that the expansion of Remote Panel functionality will not happen until after final release of the current version of Grasshopper.

I’m just wanting to leave feedback about how valuable RCP functionality will be to the Value List component. Whenever the expanded RCP functionality begins to appear I hope this component will be high on the list! :slight_smile:
The flexibility of the Value List component makes it a prime candidate for the RCP in my opinion.

That’s all, and to David and all at McNeel: please keep up the fantastic work! Rhino & Grasshopper have very much changed my life and are amazing products.


Just wanted to post the same asking if I was crazy or if the value list really is NOT supported by RCP!? We have literally dozens in our interfaces and they are perfect, as you can actually spell out options and even define outputs. Doing everything with toggles would not make sense at all.

I haven’t used RCP in a long time and just wanted to get back to it, but not having value lists as an option means its totally pointless.

Please @DavidRutten, I have seen some wild requests on here what RCP should be able to do, but this is a very basic UI element and it absolutely needs to be in RCP. How can I select multiple options in RCP right now? Do I have to make an integer Slider and write underneath it what each ID means? That would make RCP now harder to understand then the UI in GH itself, which kind of defeats the purpose.

This is what an average user interface in our scripts looks like. There is more options in other areas and even for some toggles it makes more sense to have a dropdown with On and Off as options as you are more specific and it reads more naturally than True and False.