Remote Control Panel, Sliders

(Declan Halpin) #1

I am just beginning to play with the remote control panel for GH. It’s a shame you can’t double click the number sliders and input a specific number. Any chance of adding that?


(David Rutten) #2

Not for GH1 I’m afraid, we’re in feature lockdown mode. Serious bug fixes only.

(Declan Halpin) #3

Got it. Thanks!


Is the remote control panel a Serengeti feature, or is there some way to have it in Rhino 5?
Is it possible to have multiple instances of the same GH definition?

(Wim Dekeyser) #5

The remote control panel is a GH feature and was introduced a long time ago in a 0.x version. At some point it was removed but at least in the 0.9.0076 version of GH it is available (and therefore available on RH5).

Could you elaborate on that one?


Do you mean something like reusability?


I mean baking a GH definition so it becomes a Rhino geometry and then control parameters of that geometry defined in GH. So it becomes something like a dynamic component (Sketchup) or dynamic block (autocad).

Copying that geometry or adding a new instance of the component/block would result in a parametrically controlled geometry of the same GH definition.

I don’t know how I could describe it in another way :slight_smile: