GH Paneling Tools Hexagonal Tessellation


Is there a way to make a tessellating relationship in GH Paneling Tools? I’m trying to panel in Paneling Tools a set of points in a hexagonal or triangular grid so they tessellate ?


See image attached of the hexagonal pattern.

@rajaa, did you see this?

There is a hexagonal grid component in GH. Have you tried it?
If you use PT-GH, you have to create a custom connection out of a rectangular grid.

Okay. Thanks. I’ll try that. I’d like to do it through paneling tools so will try the custom connection.

I did try the GH hexagonal grid but not sure if I can grid with paneling tools.

Were you able to find a solution to this? I am facing a similar problem.

Good question. That was 8 years ago! I’ll let you know if I remember how.