Folded Plate Panels?



Hi Rajaa,

I’m trying to achieve this folded plate system using Paneling Tools as you see in this image here.
I’m trying to host this folded plate system onto a generic surface, so that when I manipulate the surface, the system will adapt to that shape.

Which Paneling components do I use to achieve this?


(Rajaa Issa) #2

Hi @MetDesignLab
You have a custom connection pattern that you can define and add to use in ptPanelGrid. Result is as follows:

custom2dpatterns.txt (1.0 KB)
CustomDiamond.3dm (71.7 KB)

Steps to use the custom pattern in the text file:

  • Run ptLoad2DPatterns (select the custom2dpatterns.txt
  • Run ptPanelGrid and under Pattern option, select Diamond1. Set AddMesh=Yes.

For details about how to create custom patterns, please refer to the PanelingToolsManual, and look for “ptManage2DPatterns” command example.


Hi Rajaa,

Thanks for your response.
Is there a way to achieve this in Grasshopper using your PT definition?


(Rajaa Issa) #4

Yes, look into ptMPanel component under Panel2D. You can use the same sequence in the .txt file that describe the pattern connection.