Geometry Gym GSA

Is there an option for defining tapered section property in GSA using geometry gym GSA grasshopper plugin?

Hi Vikas,

Thanks for posting. We don’t (yet) have explicit components for creating tapered properties. If this would help, let me know what shapes you would use and I can look at it.

I did quickly push an update so that you can generate the GWA string using a : seperator, and that will be recognized by GSA. Refer to this example for a rectangle tapered shape. Please update the plugin from rhino package manager.

230419 gsa tapered beam (20.6 KB)

Let me know if this doesn’t help or work for you.



Tried to generate a GSA model using your script,

Please see the screenshot attached - this is the model i create using your script.

I had already done this in my script as well but the result is same, it picks up everything accept for the actual Section description.

Did you update the plugin to todays build from rhino package manager? I did implement a fix before to make this work better. Prior to the improvement, I also got the result you show.

Hi John,

Sorry you are right, I updated the plugins and it works perfectly now for GSA,

I basically created my own component already to generate string for Tapered seciton using curves / surfaces,

I could successfully generate hundreds of tapered sections!

To answer your question about shapes - i was trying to generate a very complex tower of cable stayed bridge - basic shape is octagonal - it has constant taper along the length, and has an octagonal section with varying wall thickness. So for GSA input is
section1 + void 1 => section 2 + void 2 OR
srf1 => srf2
So if you can make a component for defining tapered sections using curve / surfaces including voids - it will be perfect

this is MIDAS screenshot -