Getting Started with Rhino 8 in Rhino.Inside.Revt

Here’s a quick ‘State of the Union’ for Rhino8.Inside.Revit

Currently (as of 11.28.2023) the Release Candidate installer is required to load Rhino 8. This will move into the Stable build in an upcoming Tuesday release.

After installing you will be presented to this option when opening Rhino.Inside.Revit.

A big difference here is that Rhino 8 is now .Net 7, where Revit is still in .Net 4.8. That will change in the Revit 2025 version i believe. This will eventually simply things in the latest versions. The current solution has Rhino 8 opening in 4.8 inside Revit.

If you are not comfortable with working in your projects in this evolving environment please stick with Rhino 7.inside.Revit for a few more months.

Rhino 8 has added features that are going to expand on how we use Rhino.Inside.Revit.

There are two key aspects that are going to be in flux; Rhino 8 new Grasshopper components & the ScriptEditor.

Rhino 8 has added new Data Types to Grasshopper, we refer to these as GH1 components. These types will not be recognized if opened in Rhino 7.

I’ll be adding additional posts with more details specific to Rhino.Inside.Revit but here are some essential links about GH1 components.

The ScriptEditor is a big change as well.


Here is an example of using GH1 components to Create Rhino Blocks and Grids and creating Revit Grids and Structural Column Families concurrently.

Note that this is in the latest Daily Build and the Rhino and Revit Units are in Feet.

  • To get the linetypes to display run the Linetypes command once in a Rhino window.
  • In Rhino Shaded display mode there is a display bug in transparent materials with blocks, changing the grasshopper layer material to be non- transparent resolves it.

RH8-RiR-Create Columns and (52.9 KB)


In the Latest you can now cast Rhino Blocks to DirectShapes like so, in the future this will apply to creating a new Family as well, at the moment it’s direct shapes only.

GH1 Content Cache will now work with Revit Graphical Elements (basic Model Elements)

Content Cache

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Here’s a 3 hr workshop on GH1 components with Andy Payne from the recent AEC Tech 2023 session.

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From Revit Preview release I can confirm the Migration to .Net 7 in Revit 2025 :grinning: